1) Crazy rasta man that wanted to take a picture haha2) Funny story. So we were walking down a path to get to an investigators house. I came across this wood plank and decided oh Im going to not step on in in case there was nails in it or if it would brake or what not so I didnt step on it. Turns out that it was there to walk on because as soon as I stepped around it my foot sank. I sank into some quick sand type mud and sank into the mud up to my ankle. I was stuck in mud. Sister Mouritsen turns around and starts cracking up. So basically I was trapped in this mud. I eventually got out of the mud but my shoe was trashed because of the mud (Eli said he would clean it for me! YAY) and yea. Hahaha it would happen to me of all people…. Awkward…. Haha good thing I had a change of shoes in the car! And thank goodness Taphariah let me use some of his water to clean my foot. Haha it was just a funny situation! Mission life… Sister Garretts life…


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