Week #6

Wa’guan family and friends?

Another week in paradise man!

So I woke up on Tuesday and my chicvi came back stronger than ever. I mean I wasn’t completly healed but I was on the mend and then when I woke up oh man my joints hurt SO BAD. Especially my left knee and my ankles. Ya’ll should see my ankles, oh wait I have no ankles because they are so swollen hahaha. But thats okay, at least I don’t have a feaver or a rash! But I am getting better. We decided that we should start to get back into excersizing and walking to see if that would help since we havent worked out since I got sick so we will see if walking in the morning will help! Everyone is getting chicvi! It is estimated that 75% of Jamaica will get the sickness. Oh man. Its so funny because random people will call out, "you got chicvi?" and I am like yea… Then one guy was all like "welcome to the club"… Haha super funny! But really though.. I am trying not to limp becuase I dont want to come home with a limp, how awk would that be! But I am on the mend. Slowly but surely!

On Tuesday we had sisters conference!!! That means all the sisters in the mission get together and have a conference. (Turks, Cayman, Nassau and caicos were on skype). We got to hear from our mission president and his wife which is always amazing. President talked about how when Christ comes he doesnt need a welcoming party. He has angels for that. But he needs us to be ready to spread the gospel to those who havent heard it. There will be hindus, muslim, etc all finding out that their religion was wrong and will come to us and say teach me. I need to know. BEcause every knee shall bow and tounge confess that Jesus IS the Christ. And we need to be ready for that. The reason why the restoration was needed was because we needed the Priesthood to have the proper authority of God to do baptisms and to get the Holy Ghost because when Christ comes he needs his followers to be prepared to teach the gospel. And that we dont have a lot of time. If you think of all the people who have every lived on this earth and will live on this earth. We must do as much as we can. IN the millinum we only have 1000 years to preach and do the work for people who have passed on! He also said "Every jack member must break up their faulty ground nd repent!" So pretty much you could say my mind was BLOWN. Yea it was a great conference! Sister Brown talked about the importance of women. God created things in the order of "least important" to "most important". And what was created last? Woman. And WE HAD ENCHALADAS! Sooooo yummy! And I got to see Sister Lynn and Sister Tuttle. Always a good time.

Wednesday KIMOYA WAS BAPTIZED!!!! Such a special experience. After she was "dunked" she was all like thats it? Thats all? Haha it was so funny! She is a cutie. She was supposed to get the Holy Ghost on Sunday but she was waiting for a bus and a bus didnt come for a long time and when it finally came it ended up breaking down… So she didnt make it 😦 Satan is really working on her. Pray for her!

I started driving this week!!!! So weird. We drive on the opposite side of the street as well as the steering wheel is on the right and not the left. I almost drove on the wrong side of the road a couple times and almost died doing it hahaha jk! But yea I am slowly getting used to it. Also the roads here are HORRIBLE. Pot holes everywhere. Good thing we have a truck or the car would die. I feel like IM four wheelng the whole time! Also honking here so so different. People honk to say hey whats up, or they honk when they pass you, etc. Its not just when they are mad at you haha!

A miracle happened this week. So we have been praying to find investigators who are elect. Who will cling to the gospel because this area hasnt had new investigators in 9 weeks… So we went to visit a less active when this girl comes up to us and says Sister Notice wasnt home but that we could teach her. WHAT? That NEVER happens! So we were teaching princess (yes thats her name) and then a guy named Sheldon came up and started listening and then Princess sister Kimoya came and started to listen and then the mom, Jennifer, came and listened. They were all very receptive to the restoration. Afterwards Princess said that she felt different! How amazing is that? So we gave them Books of Mormons and set up a time to meet with them again. We went back and all of them were there and their brother Prince (yes thats his name) joined us. We taught the Plan of Salvation! It was such a spiritual lesson. I cant even put it into words. They ALL felt the spirit. They truly are elect. The only problem is that they are extremly extremly poor. They dont have any money, and hardly have money for food. So getting to church will be a challange. We might be walking the 10 miles with them on Sunday. We havent decided yet. But yea we were so blessed that they came into our life. ANSWERS TO PRAYERS MAN!

I also experienced a trade off! Spent the night and part of the day with Sister Thompson in Kingston! It wasnt as long as it normally would be becuase of there being an emergency transfer and one of the sisters had to leave. But Sister Thompson is 37!!! She is an amazing missionary! Love her.

WE WENT TO THE BEACH! That was fun! We were looking for a less active and she was working at a cook shop on the beach. When we found her we were surrounded by men smoking ganja! WHAT? Haha not the best place to work. But it was great becuase guys would come up to us cause we are whities and start talking to us and I would just say "do you go to a church" and totally bring up the gospel to people with a joint in their mouth… Hahaha tis the life of a Jamaican missionary hahaha! Also one of the guys was all like "Im a rasta I dont need church". Yea buddy, yea you do. Haha rastafarian is a religion here! Its a really weird religion…

Love you all and hope all is well!

Sister garrett
1)KIMOYA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Silly picture. After wards Kimoya was all like "missonaries can do that? I had no idea" Hahaha
2) My swollen ankles!!! I have elephant feet. No ankles.


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