Week #5 It’s been one month!

Hey friends and family,

It’s official. November 8 was my mission birthday! I have been out 1 whole month. Wow time flies! Only 17 more months of hard work. Ya mon.

So this week was kind of slow. I don’t really remember what happened. We are still working with Kimoya everyday because she is going to be baptized on WEDNESDAY! We are so excited to see her take this huge step. She sent us the cutest text the other day just saying how much she loves us, that she considered us her blood sisters and that when we leave her she will be so sad. She has such a strong testimony in Christ, I love it! We also set another baptismal date with Romaine! December 6! Romaine is 18 and we have been teaching him for a while and he has had some things and concerns to work through but his testimony has definitely increased dramatically. We are still working on finding new investigators. Pray for us!

We had district meeting and I just love my district! We are the only sisters and we have six elders and one senior couple! I just love them all. After the meeting we went and got fried chicken, stewed chicken and rice and peas (kidney beans for those of you in the states). Those are staple foods here. SO GOOD!

Speaking of food, we have gotten fed a few times by one of my FAVORITE member families; the Mcnish family. But the problem is is that the food is gross. I have eaten chicken foot, chicken neck, calaloo and beet root juice (spl?). I try and try and try to eat all of it; its so hard! Sister Mouritson just laughs at me hahaha Im not a Jamaican quite yet. Another thing here is that people don’t get the amazing boneless chicken. Nope. They cook the chicken with bones and everything so I am always so confused on how to eat it because the bones are small and stuff. I am most confused on how to eat chicken foot… I don’t understand. Shout out to all you stateside missionaries. You are so lucky. I just want a good ole fashion Mormon casserole dinner. Perks of being a stateside missionary.

Yesterday I spoke in church about the reason why I am serving a mission and missionary work. Guess who just happened to come to our branch meeting? PRESIDENT BROWN! Man I love my mission president but having him there when I spoke was extremely nerve wracking. But it was so cool to have him there. He stayed for all three hours and lets just say he is such a profound speaker. He talked to us about why we needed to have a restoration. The reason why is because we need people who are baptized and confirmed when Christ comes. Christ doesn’t need a welcoming party (he has angels for that). We are part of the chosen people who will be teaching all those who haven’t heard the gospel when the millennium comes. We will be preaching of Christ! President Brown is just amazing. I love that man. Also at church I was called a guppy by a girl named Kee-kee. A guppy means a ghost. I may be white but I am not a ghost hahaha!

With regards to my sickness, the fever and rash are gone! YAY! But, the achey bones is still there. Every morning when I wake up I feel like I am 100 years old. Chicvi stays in your system for 7 years…. At least that is what we have been told here… And we have also been told that relapses can happen and they get worse with each relapse. Well I am not excited for that at all…

I have been learning so much! I am reading the New Testament for the first time since Seminary and I LOVE IT! I love all the teachings that Christ has for his people.

There has never been a time in my life where I have been so unconfortable with my skin color. The guys hit on you because youre white and the girls just glare at you. And the roadside fruits/veggie shops sometimes try to gip you and make things more expensive. But whatever haha! We don’t like it when the cruise ship comes because well then we kind of look like tourists.
Pretty excited because we are going to go play futbol (soccer) with Romaine and some other people. Hopefully my legs will want to work instead of be achey haha!

Well I love Jamaica. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I love my companion. Hope all is well back home. I pray for you all pretty much everyday. LOVE YOU.

Sister Garrett


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