Week #4


Today was a really hard week for me. On Thursday guess what happened?!? I got Chikngunia or chicvi in patios. Literally the worst kind of sickness ever. I would never ever wish it upon anyone. So basically they think that you get this disease from the misquotes but no one know 100%. So pretty much what Chicvi is, is that your joints ache and hurt so badly. My ankles, right knee, back,right fingers and shoulders all hurt extremely bad. Its like you had a tough workout next day sore but X100 in pain. You can’t really move at all. You also get a gnarly rash everywhere. I had it on my back, my thighs, my arms, my face, my stomach. Everywhere. Then the most dangerous part is the temperature. You usually get a temperature that is above 100 degrees. And the hospitals aren’t good so it’s not like you can do anything about it. Im pretty sure my temperature got up to 104. Super scary. My trainer/the senior couple that was in charge since the pres was off island told me to take a 20 minute cold shower to get the temp down. It was the coldest shower of my life, but it brought the temp down.. After I got out of the shower my legs itched and itched from the rash. So bad that I couldn’t do anything except cry. My poor comp didn’t know what to do. She tried rubbing ointment on my legs but that didn’t help. She called the senior couple and they said to take benedryll. That helped SO MUCH. So basically from Thursday-Sunday morning I was out of commission. Saturday morning we went out to the inferemery because it was national service day to help the mentally disabled but by the end of the two hours I felt like I was going to die. So we went home. So yea I slept all of the days because laying down was the only way not to feel the ache. Oh and guess how long this virus is in your system? I’ve hear 1, 3, 5 and 7 years it can flare back up… So when I come home in a year and a half the chicvi can come back… Tis the life in Jamaica.

Sister Garrett

Ps Kimoya accepted Nov 12 as her baptismal date! So excited.

I love these kids. Whenever they see our truck pull up they come out and want to come listen to us teach. This was when we did service one day. The little girl really wanted to play with my hair.

Gorgeous Jamaica

At Sister Robinsons house. Such a pretty view.


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