Week #2


Dear friends and family,

Such a wonderful week! The spirit here is so strong. It is my last day in the Provo Missionary Training Center and I am so sad yet so excited. It will be sad not to be surrounded by so many missionaries but I am super stoked to get out to Jamaica and preach the good work. We said goodbye to Sister Wood and Elder Haderlie at 3:30 this morning as they head to the West Indies. They have been such a good part of our district. I sure will miss em. Good be with them till we meet again. This week has been so busy that I can’t really remember anything that happened… Ummm I never thought that I would forget what happened but I did. Haha We had an in-field orientation day and that was SUCH A LONG DAY… 9 hours in a classroom without seeing the sun… Yea not fun but I learned so much about how members are essential to missionary work. So all of you who aren’t on missions I challange you to share the gospel with a nonmember friend. Invite them to take the discussions from the missionaries. We need to bring all those we come in contact with to come unto christ and be apart of this gospel. It is such a wonderful gospel! I love it with all of my heart. Sunday was such a spiritual day. So here in the MTC everyone prepares talks on one subject each week and then the president will pick two missionaries to speak and then one of the members of the presidency and their wife will speak as well. Yesterday the Sister May was sick so we had four missionaries speak. It’s like the hunger games. We are waiting to hear whose names will be picked from the bowl (figurativly of course) and see who gets to talk. Guess who the first one called… ME. Then Sister Lynn, Sister Wood and Sister Tuttle all spoke about the Book of Mormon. I cried through my talk because I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it is the keystone of our religion. I KNOW it. My district also sang the EFY medley. Sister Lynn played the piano and Elder Brown was the honorary page tuner hahaha! I love my district. I cried at the end of the song. It was just a spirit filled Sunday. I loved it. We went on a temple walk as well. So awesome. Oh something funny popped in my head. So Sister Lynn and I were studying outside and I was singing to her Oh Shandoah since it was stuck in my head and I was thinking about mom. All of a sudden these Elders walked by us and were all like you have an amazing voice. (Which for those of you who have heard me sing, I don’t hahaha). Then they walked by us again and this time Elder S was singing and I was like no you have a great voice. Sing up! It was funny. Then coinsidencily Sister Lynn and i went to films about Joesph Smith and the pioneers and we find two seats. We sit down and then all of a sudden I hear Hey its the girl who can sing so good! Haha it was funny! So we sat next to them. Awkward the film had some kissing scenes… Lets just say that some of the elders were acting so immature… Whatever… Ummm yea that’s all for this week. I can’t remember what happened… Well I love you all. Keep in touch.


Sister Garrett

PS Thank you the Graf family and the Hill family for the packages! You are so sweet. God bless.

PSS Im going to Jamaica TOMORROW!

PSS. I found out that these other computers can attach pictures so here are some.

Meet my companion Sister Lynn!

After a week of searching I FOUND MY COUSIN! Well he found me haha!

My wonderful district. Love them all. From left to right. Elders Johnson, Brown. Sister Lynn, me, Sister Tuttle, Sister Wood and Elders Shipley and Haderlie.


One thought on “Week #2

  1. I am so excited for you!!! Have a safe flight! Thanks for the picture of my boy. It’s the first one I’ve seen since he enter the MTC! LOVE YOU!! Aunt Kala


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