Week #1 MTC BABY!

Dear Friends and Family,What an amazing week this has been. Words can’t describe how much I have loved the MTC. It has been the most emotionally draining, mentally exhausting but best week of my life. I feel like I have been at the MTC for a month, but it has only been a week. I have learned SO MUCH. I don’t even know where to begin. My testimony is so strong, it’s crazy. There is so much to say. So my first day I was hosted by an Elder who was from Fiji and was called to the Phillipines and then by a Hermana later that day going to Argintina, I think… I don’t really remember the first day other than the fact that we had “dork dots” on our name tags and because of that literally everyone we past was like “Hello Sisters” in whatever language they were learning. Hola Hermanas, Maloeleli sisters, konishiwa sisters. It was so cool. I have met people from all over the world, literally. I met an Elder from London, multiple people from all the Pacific islands to Venesula to pretty much everywhere. It is so cool. It is amazing that I am surrounded buy people my age who have such a strong testimony in this gospel. I don’t want to leave the spirit that I feel on the campus. Elder Johnson, an Elder in my district said it is a 24/7 temple and that it so true. The spirit on this campus is equal to that of the temple. So my companion is so cute. Her name is Sister Lynn and she is actually from Canada! Guess what… CANADIANS REALLY SAY EHH ALL THE TIME! It’s so funny. We will be in the middle of a lesson and she will say something like the spirit is so strong eh? Haha shes funny. Guess what else? We have the SAME BIRTHDAY. Except I’m two years older… I am the second oldest in my district. Most of my district/zone are little 18/19 year olds and I’m over here like what’s up I’m 21 hahaha! A really cool thing happened when me and Sister Lynn were in a meeting with our branch presidency. He told us that we were friends in the pre-earth life! How cool is that? There are so many funny stories like one time I called a 6’8″ 350 lb Samoan a sister…. Hecka funny… So I ran into Elder Jackson my cousin the other day while I was taking district pictures in front of the map. I went to give him a hug cause he’s my cousin and all but he is such a good missionary and stuck his hand out to shake my hand. Kayla and Barry, he is doing great! I also ran into a friend from school, Klisha Cook! It was so good to see her. Lalalalove her! Now I see her almost every day. So funny story. My companion and I decided to skip gym one day because of something I can’t remember what… Sorry mom… Haha! Anyway so I went to go to the bathroom and didn’t bring my key because Sister Lynn was in the room. But then she decided to go to the bathroom and didn’t bring her key. We got locked out. I didn’t have my nametag on and she didnt have shoes on. So we didn’t know what to do. About 5 minutes later I suggested we say a prayer. Not even a minute after the prayer an announcement came over the loud speaker saying for all the sisters to be modest because a male was going to be on the floor. We looked at eachother and wondered if he had a key. He then was right in front of us and we asked if he had a key to all the rooms. And guess what. HE DID! So moral of the story don’t skip gym because God will chastise you… We aren’t skipping gym again haha. God has answered so many prayers. There are countless times where I misplaced something and we prayed and we found it a minute later. God is good.

So we have “investigators” that we have been teaching and one of them in the middle of the lesson I was prompted to read Alma 36:3 and then I said will you put your faith in God and follow Christ’s example and be baptized by proper authority? (She had been struggling with getting baptized because she was previously baptized.) BUT SHE SAID YES. The spirit was so strong. Wow… Another great thing happened. So I was having a rough day on Saturday. Just feeling a little homesick and wanting to be the best missionary possible. My zone leader came up to me and asked me if I wanted a blessing. It was so inspired that he said that cause I hadn’t said that to anyone, I don’t even think I said it to my companion… Elder Smith and Elder Wirick gave the most beautiful blessing I could have asked for. Speaking of my zone leaders I just have to say I HAD THE BEST ZONE EVA! I was so impressed by them. But they left for their missions today and now we are getting little babies tonight. It’s pretty exciting but I miss my old zone. DISTRICT 24B IS THE BEST. We have three elders, Johnson, Hadderly and Brown along with two other sisters wood and tuttle. I met Sister Tuttle on Instagram so it was really awesome to finally meet her.

This gospel is so true. I cannot deny it. I went to the temple today and it was amazing! I know that Joesph Smith was called of God and saw God. I know that he translated the Book of Mormon. If Joesph Smith isn’t a true prophet than the Book of mormon isn’t true which means our church is a lie. But I KNOW without a doubt that this is the true and everlasting gospel. I cannot deny it. Don’t forget to write. I love you all!

Sister Garrett

PS Christmas time is going to be amazing! Look out for what the church is planning. We got to see what is going to go down and it is fabulous!


One thought on “Week #1 MTC BABY!

  1. Thank you my sweet Sister Garrett for the shout out!!! You are going to love the people and the work. I am going to love reading along with your adventures. Love you dear! Aunt Kala


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